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Труды XXIII Международного конгресса византийских исследований
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Proceedings of the 23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies: round tables
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Monday, 22nd August

Les nouveaux martyrs dans l’hagiographie byzantine

Law as a Means of Change in Byzantium

The Shifting Dynamics Between Text and Society. Towards a Sociology of Byzantine Literature

Visual Transmission of Scientific Knowledge in Byzantium: Different Visions & New Perspectives on Scientific Illustrations

Pour une nouvelle approche des effigies hagiographiques dans le décor des églises byzantines

Crimes Against the State and the Church

Forces of Stability: Personal Agency and Microstructures

L’auteur à Byzance: de l’écriture à son public


Tuesday, 23rd August

The Early and Middle Byzantine Tradition of Aristotelian Logic: the Road from Alexandria to Constantinople

The Episcopal Palace in Early Byzantium: Historical Development, Architectural Typologies, Domestic Spaces

Byzantine Naxos in the Light of Recent Research

Metaphrasis in Byzantine Literature

Du manuscrit de lois à l’acte écrit: la pratique juridique à Byzance

Les relations diplomatiques byzantines (ive-xve siècles): Permanence et/ou changements

Poetic Circles and Anthologies in Byzantium

Philosophers and Philosophical Books in Byzantium

New Perspectives on the Byzantine City as Consumption Centre

Beyond the Periphery: Islands of Byzantium Between 7th and 13th Century

Michael Psellos. One Thousand Years of a Polymath’s Birth

Thessaloniki in the Age of Comnenoi and Angeloi

Reapproaching Iconoclasm. New Perspectives and Material

Byzantine and Latins in the Greek Mainland and the Islands (13th-15th Centuries): Archaeological and Artistic Evidence af an Interrelation

Liturgical Poetry as Literature: Rhetoric, Exegesis, and Artistry


Wednesday, 24th August

Le rôle des miracles et des recueils de miracles

At the Origins of the Highbrow Byzantine Language: Innovation And Tradition In Middle- And Latebyzantine School Instruction

Les frontières et les limites du patriarcat de Constantinople

La mort et la mémoire sociale: rites funéraires, art et archéologie de la tombe à Byzance et en peripherie / Death and Social Memory: Funerary Practices and the Art of the Tomb in Byzantium and Beyond

Food, Environment and Landscape in Byzantium

The Dialectics of Theory and Practice in Byzantine Medicine and Science

Byzantium in the Context of World Trade

The Translations of Latin Texts Into Greek and of Greek Texts Into Latin as an Expression of the Cultural Exchange Between East And West (XIII-XV Centuries)

The Agency of Inscriptions in Byzantium, in the West And in the Slavonic World

Gesture and Performance in Byzantium

Imperial Responses to Pagan Hellenic Education in the Fifth-Sixth Centuries

The Black Sea Region Between East and West in the 13th-15th Centuries: New Sources and Approaches

La fabrique des oeuvres: autographes, brouillons, révisions et éditions


Thursday, 25th August

Icons of Space, Icons in Space. Iconography or Hierotopy?

Byzantium – a Narrative in Constant Change

Роль славянских переводов в истории византийской литературы и церковной письменности

Historical Geography of Byzantium in the 21st Century: New Methods and Theories

Maneuvering the Holy: Spirits, Icons, Indulgences and Mental Mappings in Fifteenth- Eighteenth Century Orthodoxies

Transformation Processes Between Byzantium and the Islamic World

Byzantine World Chronicle as Open Text

Les centres et ateliers de copie balkaniques: Scribes, ornemanistes, miniaturistes

The Evaluation of Sigillographic Data for Research on the History of Byzantium

Exile: Continuity and Change in the Empire of Nicaea

Issues of Sinaitic Iconography

Language and Society. Historical Sociolinguistic Patterns in the Greek of Late Byzantine Historians

Changes et échanges monétaires autour de la Méditerranée Orientale après 1204

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