About "Vizantiyskiy Vremennik"


Scientific periodical publication "Vizantiyskiy Vremennik" is one of the oldest academic humanities journals (est. 1894). As the press organ of Russian Byzantinists, it played significant role for the organization and development of national and international Byzantine and medieval studies. And today "Vizantiyskiy Vremennik" remains at the forefront of international Byzantine studies.

The journal is published with regularity at least one volume per year.

Top academic level of the edition is provided under strict author policies and multi-tiered peer-review procedure.

Editorial organs are composed of leading Russian and foreign scientists.

Our authors are both well-known scientists and young professionals, graduate students and PhDs, who have the ability to publish theirs major scientific results. Foreign scientists participatory level has traditionally high remained. The journal is included in Web of Science index.


At the current moment in the journal were placed about 3 500 publications of 730 scientists, total volume of pages - 38 000.

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